Watercolour Painting - Herdwick Sheep and Great Langdale, Cumbria

"Looking up the Slopes", Great Langdale, Cumbria.
Watercolour. Alistair Butt © 2008.

While walking along the valley of Great Langdale, in the Lake District, a break in the cloud lit up part of this view. The small stream running down the hill, the Herdwick sheep grazing in the sunlit field while the background hills, Side Pike being the main one, were still in shadow.

The Herdwick Sheep are one of my favourite sheep with there range of fleece colours. Ranging from pale creams, through light grey, dark or blue grey to others with russet to dark browns while the head and legs are pale cream.

The 'steep' route out of Great Langdale is over the pass which is between the two main hills shown and leads via Bleatarn into Little Langdale. It might not look that much from this view but this view is about half way up.

The more tradition view is about 90 degrees to the right and looking towards the Langdale Pikes and the associated mountains.

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