Would you like to train as a portrait painter?

The Bulldog Portrait Bursary aims to develop the talent of an artist at an early stage in their career. The bursary is worth £5,000. The aim is to provide an opportunity for an artist, regardless of location, to be mentored by members of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. 

Who can apply?
Artists must be aged 18 or over and live or work in the UK or EU.

How much does it cost to apply?
£6 per artist.

How do I apply?
Upload images of two painted or drawn portraits to www.registrationmallgalleries.org.uk

Monday 19 May, 12 noon 

After review the Society will compile a shortlist of applicants to be called to interview in early July (dates TBC). Candidates will be required to attend with a portfolio and a supporting statement about how they would use the bursary. 

More information - www.therp.co.uk

Mall Galleries Commissions

Mall Galleries' Commissions has a new website, making it easier to browse artist members' images & ideas than ever before.

The new site allows clients to browse by type of commission – personal or corporate – different subjects, and previous case studies. The different sections show the breadth and variety of FBA members' work and the possibilities a commission can open up.

Last two, at least for the now, from the Lake Distict

 Detail from "Skiddaw reflecting on Derwent Water", Derwent Water, Borrowdale.
Oil. Alistair Butt © 2014 -
#AB 021406

A great view towards Skiddaw across the almost still Derwent Water. My only concern while painting this was should I paint the right hand side trees with or without the cast shadow from the trees behind me. In the end I went for how it was at the time and adds that extra dimension. Again the water with reflections, shadows and clear so the bottom could be seen was great to paint.

Detail from "Above Buttermere and Crummock Water", Buttermere, Cumbria.
Oil. Alistair Butt © 2014 -
#AB 021408

Reference for this painting was gathered on my last trip to the Lake District. Having parked at Honister Slate Mine and then walked towards Haystacks (just to left hand side) one is presented with a series of stunning views over Buttermere and Crummock Water and onwards to Scotland. It was late afternoon and only had an hour or so of light left although there were still many people walking in both directions - a nice contrast to some valleys that I head into and know that I'm the only person there.

The only and minor 'artistic' change was to make some of the right hand side clouds slightly larger, they were there so colour reference was available, just less developed and looked a bit odd. The heather is always an interesting subject to paint and I use a combination of techniques to get the effect. Having done the base colours, it's then stippling using a range of brushes (normal art brushes to 1" or 25mm household paint brushes and/or handmade ones using broken up wallpaper paste brushes) and applying the right colour/tone for each area/section. Rigger brushes are then used for the longer grasses or adding more defined edges/details.

All the Cumbrian/Lake District related paintings are now available for sale at Beckstones Art Gallery which is located in the small village of Greystock Ghyll, just off the A66 Penrith to Keswick road.