Painting... river and valley in Cumbria

"Down by the river", near Nateby, Cumbria.
Oil. Alistair Butt © 2009.

Having driven all the way through North Yorkshire in thick fog it was wonderful to go (having cleared the mountains (North Yorkshire Dales) that were holding back the fog) into the bright sunlight and drop down in Cumbria.

Some of the fog trying to come over the hill tops can be seen on the left hand side but was more dramatic else where. The reason for stopping here, was really to have some breakfast... a couple of camper vans had over slept (just behind me) and this view doesn't present itself from the road but what a view to wake up too. And that was my thoughts when I wandered along the bank looking for the best view point.

My only concern was the number of stones in the river and I could have cut them in half by walking a short distance forward but thought this view offered the most interest and reflected the true nature of the river.

Breakfast, became a working breakfast and I don't even wake to campers at some very early hour in the morning.

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