Another snow related oil painting demonstration - Part One

What more could any landscape artist want... a superb sunlit river with snow covered trees and banks provided all that was needed for this painting.

Stage One:
Having drawn up the image, again using a dark oil mix of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber and turps so it would dry quickly, I applied a underlying wash using colours relating to each area. This is an alternative to the usual all over colour wash usually applied as a base for oil paintings. This underlying wash although thin, helps with next stages and in places can be the final colour.

Stage Two:
Working on the far bank of the river, the background line of trees was painted first, starting with the dark colours before moving onto the mid toned colours on some of the evergreen trees. That area was left alone for a while while I painted the snow covered bank, leaving position lines from the under painting for the main branches of the bushes alongside the river. Dark areas of the bushes, branches etc were established next.

Moving back to the background trees all the snow needed to be painted, rigger brushes came in handy here for all the small snow covered branches - some in sunlight while others in shadow. Next was the medium or slightly lighter tones colours of the branches and trucks of the trees, again using a number of rigger brushes.

To finish of this stage was to add more underlying colour into the water of the stream, using colours from the far bank of trees but slightly darkened.

Snow subjects are superb to paint, adding an additional transformation to the landscape, sometimes simplyfing the subject but not always if there's lot of branches, bit of snow... At least in the UK at the moment there's 20cm (8 inches) outside at the moment... go outside and find your own snow subjects to paint.