More snow related oil paintings - one finished while the other is about half way...

Detail from "Snow covered fields with Hoar Frost", Northamptonshire.
Oil. Alistair Butt © 2013 -
#AB 021309

The morning fog had covered all the trees & vegetation with a good coat of hoar frost. With the fog having cleared, the hoar frost was now catching the afternoon sunlight and almost glowing against the clear blue sky. One of those subjects that maybe, without the snow and frost along with the good warm light from the afternoon sun, one could walk by without a second look.

Started this oil the other night - now part way through this painting, still much to add - ice floating down the river, more work needed on the ice in the foreground with it's vegetation, tree is just basic framework at present and then both banks need finishing...

Reference for this came from a few years ago and a few hours working alongside this river in Yorkshire. It was the coldest I've been out working in -15°C although lower earlier in the morning.