Finished the oil snow painting

Finally got time to take a picture of the finished oil painting shown in a previous post, then it was about half finished. Below is the finished work now drying and then framing...

The work in finishing this oil painting was mainly that of the river, all done wet into wet but on a base that this time had dried (see the other post).

I find it much better to paint water (like this) in one go... while doing this I was thinking about which is nicer, full blown reflections on still water (therefore painting the subject almost twice) or as below where theses some reflections but lots of water movement... not that we can change what's in front of use as a subject. Other areas then finished were some of the far bank along with the snow covered vegetation in the lower right corner.

This painting was a real joy to paint... having finished most of the water, I really liked painting the small areas of steam rising from the river which were being caught by the warm sunlight. This is something I've painted a number of times before and in this case added some nice warmth to the painting.

Detail from "Steaming River in the Bright Winter Sun" Rutland.
Oil. Alistair Butt © 2013 -
#AB 021321