Latest oil painting... Dunnerdale, Cumbria

Detail from "Bright Warm Afternoon" Cumbria.
Oil. Alistair Butt © 2013 -
#AB 021325

I spent some time alongside this river, it had a number of interesting view points and therefore possible painting... almost behind me is the small footbridge called Birks Bridge, in Dunnerdale, Cumbria where the River Duddon flows down a series of small waterfalls and is then forced through a narrow gap and over time has created some interesting rock formations - a Google search for 'Birks Bridge, Dunnerdale' or 'River Duddon' will show better than any text can. Either side of this area the river is wide and as can be seen in the above oil painting almost calm.

It was the afternoon light with the reflection of the sky on the water surface and the shadows cast from the trees that made me select this view point. I really enjoyed painting the clear water in the foreground, seeing the pebbles on the river bed and the reflected sky colour.