Sunset over Turnberry and Ailsa Craig

Detail from "Turnberry to Ailsa Craig with strong breeze blowing", Turnberry, South Ayrshire.
Oil. Alistair Butt © 2013 -
#AB 021328

 This was one of those lucky moments, well it lasted under an hour but almost made up for the previous two days of heavy rain... more of which came from the clouds seen below the sun before I got back to the car.

Having spent most of the day with the Master Chefs of Great Britain at the Turnberry Golf Resort and having just finished, the sun broke through the blanket of heavy cloud. So I headed onto the footpath which crossed the golf course, thankfully free of golfers due to the both the bad weather (very strong wind), the time of day (dark within an hour) and being November not very warm either.

All adding to the atmosphere was the amazing colours in the sky as the sun slowly sank, the wind creating both spray and interesting waves as they crashed against Turnberry Head (the line of rocks in the middle of the painting). Turnberry Lighthouse is on the next outcrop of rocks beyond the bay to the right - the subject of another painting...