The finished large oil painting of Millbeck, Stickle Ghyll and Harrison Stickle in Great Langdale, Cumbria

Detail from "Millbeck, Stickle Ghyll and Harrison Stickle", Great Langdale, Cumbria.
Oil on Linen Canvas. Alistair Butt © 2013 -
#AB 021334

This view is better when the trees are without much leaf as it provides a much wider perspective of this section of what is a wonderful dale - ideally named Great Langdale.

The farm shown in this oil painting is a 250 acre working hill farm owned by the National Trust and dates back to 1621 but what really appeals is its location surrounded by mountains. Stickle Tarn (not seen, but it's just below the upper right hand mountain) provides the water for Stickle Ghyll which can be seen coming down at about the 45 degree angle above the farm (just above the sunlit bracken) and then behind the farm to the follow the farm track to the left.

The footpath follows the ghyll up to Stickle Tarn and then around that to Pavey Ark, the upper edge of which can be seen on the right hand. Harrison Stickle, the large background mountain, is part of the Langdale Pikes, the rest are to the right of it.

For those that wish to see this view... visit Google maps the link should hopefully open the map in the UK. If not move to the UK. Then paste 'Ambleside LA22 9JX, United Kingdom' into the search box. Zoom in. Select the orange man (just above the size bar on left hand side) and drag him to the position shown in the picture below.

 Copyright: Google Maps

For those that haven't visited Google Maps before so:
You may need to scroll around (click, hold left mouse button down and drag) to get the correct view. For those with time on their side it worth exploring the area. This can be done by clicking on the white forward/backward arrows or to move faster, exit street view (click 'x' - top right corner of image area) which takes you back to the aerial view and then repeat selection of orange man and place him on the blue line (a road that the Google car has visited) - the blue squares are pictures.