Oil Painting - Black Nab, Saltwick Bay, North Yorkshire Coast

Saltwick Bay and Black Nab (the lump of rock just off shore) is very well known for photographers - may be even more photographs taken of this bay than Whitby which is around the headland (to the left of the image below). A lot of the photos show a wreck of a fishing boat but very little now remains. Walking around the area (only at low tide - being aware of tide times) is interesting but at the same time the flat shelf of rock that appears at low tide although covered in places by large fallen rocks is very slippery.

For more information (rather than repeating it) can be found here or do a search for Saltwick Bay - Black Nab. Parking is very limited at this location or walk from the car parks at Whitby.

Like most of the North Yorkshire coast to get to sea level a walk down the cliffs is required - above is a picture showing the view on the path down - not best when wet.

Detail from "Exposed at low tide", Black Nab, Saltwick Bay, North Yorkshire.
Oil. Alistair Butt © 2013 -
#AB 021342

Above is an oil painting of some of the weathered rocks exposed as the tide went out - most of the sea seen in this painting would go up to low tide exposing more rock. The sand in this area can be quite dark at times depending on how much coal (from mining) is on the surface.