Trip to Mersea Island on the Essex coast

These pictures are from both West Mersea and East Mersea on Mersea Island which is located on the Essex coast. For those that wish to do a 'google maps' search for 'West Mersea' and then move the orange man onto the coast road (left hand side of island) for a view of this area.

The above two images show the joys of working on the coast... within half an hour while sketching this view the incoming tide had risen by over 12 inches / 30 cm, the small boat had entered the view while the light - part sun to full sun - changed throughout...

Lots of children fishing for crabs, some doing very well by the amount seen in some buckets...

Some interesting views amongst the boats.

The Thames Barge 'Dawn' waiting for high tide before moving into the main channel.

Its now high tide on this day, having been sunny for a few hours the sky is changing fast. Some people are walking back though the water on the now submerged footpath.

Off the coast at East Mersea, which is a complete change to West Mersea, a number of Thames Barges were sailing up the channel. This one was in full sail before doing a 360 degree turn and dropping some sail.

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