Oil painting of Bluebells in Derbyshire wood...

Detail from "Great year for Bluebells", nr South Wingfield, Derbyshire.
Oil. Alistair Butt © 2013 -
#AB 021365

Finally got around to painting something from the trip to this wood earlier this year... as the title states, it was one of the best years I've seen for the Bluebells. This painting was done with the morning light, I spent most of the day walking around the area, gather information from different viewpoints but most of it was waiting for the sun to move around to a different angle i.e afternoon. While not in this wood, sometimes waiting can be great, I've seen badgers, a mother and baby about three feet away being the best along with deer, owls and other birds... etc, it wasn't like that this day and even when the sun did get to the right position nothing seemed to capture the wow factor or even come close... maybe next year?

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