RSMA demonstration - part one

Thank you all those that came along to the Mall Galleries on Tuesday (22nd) for the demonstrations by Lorraine Abraham RSMA - working in scraperboard, sadly William Carney was ill, so Alan Runagall stepped in to do some watercolours and myself - working in oils.

I hope you enjoyed meeting the artists and gained something from the day, be it from asking questions or just by watching.

Personally, thank you to all those that passed comment and asked a wide variety of questions. It was a pleasure to meet you and made the day very enjoyable.

Above are the sketches done on location

Above is how the painting was at the close, the above picture was from someone else (thank you). There's still more work to be done, mainly in the foreground (boat, posts, bank etc).

I'll post the finished painting as soon as possible.

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