Oil painting - Morston on the North Norfolk coast

Detail from "Rising Water", Morston, Norfolk.
Oil. Alistair Butt © 2013 -
#AB 021368

Having waited for the incoming tide, thankfully it was a lovely warm summers day, it was then work as fast as I could to gather the required information. One of the sketches I did for this painting can be seen below (as shown on an previous post).

The rising water helped greatly with this view, remove what had been, up until then, an creek of mud, which itself can be interesting with the correct light and some wetness. It also added some reflections... the downside is that all the boats start moving as soon as they are lifted from the mud and will turn around (if they can) to face the incoming or outgoing tide which means in minutes the view has changed.

The boats hadn't started to move before I finished the above sketch, but a few minutes later the foreground one did and within 10minutes all were afloat. It was a case of working up the background/boats and then waiting for the right time for the water...

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