Frost morning in the Lake District, this time Watendlath Beck

Detail from "Frosty start to the day", Watendlath, Cumbria.
Oil. Alistair Butt © 2013 -
#AB 021373

Watendlath valley is a wonderful off shoot of Borrowdale which is over to the right hand side. A steep climb via a single track road from Derwent Water leads you past the famous Ashness bridge - much painted and even more photographed. A Google search will bring up many images if you haven't seen this bridge before.

A little bit further along the road is 'surprise view' a well used spot with a great view over Derwent Water, there is a National Trust car park at the location so no need for the walking boots...

Many turn back here but if you head along the winding road it leads to Waterndlath, with its delightful tarn and small collection of farm buildings and cottages (nice tea room) plus a packhorse bridge -great if you are lucky to see the local Herwick sheep coming across it.

To this painting, I managed (just) to cross some ice covered stones in the river, not always the best of ideas, to get this view point just as the sun climbed from behind the left hand mountain - the small amount of warmth from the sun was more than welcome on what was a very cold morning but it all combined to provide a wonderful subject, great light both on Watendlath Beck, the frost cover ground and the last of the autumn colour on the trees.

Now back across those stones...

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