Subject finding trip #1 - Lake District

Sorry for not posting for some time, lots of work... anyway, below are some pictures taken on my last trip to the Lake District. A trip up one of many interesting valleys, Langstrath. It is a long valley (hence the name) and can take a hour or so just walking, add in finding the best view, doing sketches, food/drink etc and time passes all to quick. Some readers will know that I visit this valley more often than I should and have reported on it before but each trip always provides something different... this time (two days) superb light, snow on the higher ground and lots and lots of water...

The first waterfalls... Galleny Force. More interesting views to be had lower down on the foreground rocks.

Lookig back towards Stonethwaite and into Borrowdale. The above falls are behind the lower trees (right hand side)

Turning around there are more falls, some care and fence jumping needed - not the place really for taking to long over sketching... but the noise from the water was great

The first real view up Langstrath... no that's not the beck (behind trees to left) but the footpath. As mentioned lots of water...

A subject much painted by artists and why not...

Further up, another favorite location of mine, more rapids... always interesting clouds on this day, highlights on the water and snow on Bowfell.

A look back down the valley

 Again, more waterfalls and rapids...

And the view back. The odd tree does make it in this valley.

The Langstrath Beck goes through a number of narrow gorges (shown below) while above shows below the gorge with the crystal clear and deep water - in 'summer' a great place for a swim.

 Above the gorge, a different feel... at least for a while (more waterfalls etc) but that's as far as I managed.

Next day... less cloud for some of it...

Footpaths are on both side of the Langstrath Beck, yesterday I was on the other bank. Above again shows the clear water with thousands of pebbles to draw, never mind paint.

 Again the waterfalls seen in picture number three but from the other bank.

The meeting of Langstrath Beck and Greenup Gill as they then head towards Stonethwaite and Borrowdale

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