Calling all Oil Painters - ROI submission

Founded in 1882, the ROI seeks work in oils and is the only national art society devoted exclusively to oil painting.

The ROI uphold the age-old tradition of painting in oils, whilst giving encouragement to outstanding young oil painters of the future.

Acceptable media: Oils. Acrylic is acceptable if it is framed as an oil, so as not to spoil the general appearance of the exhibition. Glazing or wide mounts between painting and frame, as in watercolours, are not acceptable.

We cannot receive works taller than 2.4m (8ft).

Conditions: Minimum price £300, unframed prints £120.

Submission Fee: £12 per artwork, £6 per artwork for artists aged 35 or under.

Submit online now

For more information and inspiration, visit:

Also don't forget there's only a few days left before the RSMA submission time closes...

details can be found here: or Royal Society of Marine Artists (mall galleries)
Deadline is 24 July at 12 noon.

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