The latest visit to the Lake District

I first came here in the late 1980's on a overcast cold day in mid November on a day out from college. Thankfully for my latest visit the weather was somewhat better. I'm on a walk around Crummock Water. The above looking towards Buttermere with Rannerdale Knotts to the left coming down to Hause Point (in shadow), almost above that (also in shadow) is Haystacks with Great Gable showing above Haystacks. High Crag, High Style and Red Pike complete the distant fells that surround Buttermere. On the right hand side are the lower slopes of Mellbreak.

Above is almost the reverse view to the first image looking from the top part of Hause Point (the part in shadow).

Another trip into Deepdale, this morning with some additional interest with some cloud spilling over the top. It came and went for a good few hours. The downside of the cloud spilling from that side was that the sun was also on that side therefore there were periods waiting for some sunlight. Thanks to a strong breeze it usually wasn't to long and work could continue. The last time I was here I was driven out by a snow storm...

The view back as I leave... showing, well most of what wasn't visible in the first image although Hart Crag (top left) and The Step can now be seen the top of Fairfield is still under the cloud.

It'll be one of those times when mixing a number of sketches of the different cloud formations and sunlight patches together to create as interesting a painting as possible to show how that morning was.... paintings hopefully coming sometime soon.

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