A bit about Oil Paints and which one's I use

Oil Paint - what is it?
Basically it is pigment dispersed in oil, usually linseed, and added to this could be a number of other ingredients such as fillers, binders and thinners.

More expensive colours will contain only high quality pigments and oil, while cheaper paints will have inferior pigments, lower quality oil and cheap fillers (of varying amounts). As with many things, you get what you pay for.

The great things about oil paint are its versatility, durability, light fastness and rich colour. Its slow drying time (unless something is added) allows you to re-work until correct.

If there is a downside to painting in oils, it's the need to be thinned or when cleaning brushes with detergents or thinners the smell which results puts many people off. There are now many solvents that don't have much smell or are pleasant smelling. Look at ranges from Zest It, which I use daily, Daler Rowney and Winsor & Newton plus others provide low odour thinners.

Titanium white is the most popular white because it is reasonably opaque and inexpensive. Zinc white is a useful tinting white, being semi transparent while Flake white is very opaque but contains lead.

Oil Paint Brands
I have only used two ranges of Oil Paint. The first and the one I've used for many years and use mostly is Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Colour and the second is Rowney Artists' Oil Colour range. Both are very good products and I have yet to find fault with either and would recommend.

There are ranges of oil colour available from other manufacturers (listed below), many of which as I haven't used it, or used only when given samples so therefore it would be unfair to pass comment.

These are Old Holland Artists Oil Colour, Vasari, Blockx Oil Colour, Schmincke Mussini Artists Oil Colour, Sennelier Artists Oil Colour, Rembrandt Oils, Lukas Studio Oil Colour, Michael Harding's Artists Oil Colour, Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colour, Shin Han Artists Oil Colour, Royal Talens Van Gogh Oil Colour, Maimeri Classico Fine Oil Colour. A search on the internet will provide more information on each brand.

Depending on what your local art shop stocks, some of these brands may be available or alternatively they can be purchased via the internet.

Winsor & Newton also do Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying oil paint plus some companies do ranges of less quality aimed at students.

As the above companies have been around for years, many are of equal standard/quality and the difference between them will be the consistency of the paint or the range of colours on offer.

The colours used:
The colours I've listed below and use daily are all from the Winsor & Newton Artists Oil Colour range but Daler Rowney have the same and unless ordering from the internet it will depend on which brand your local art shop supplies.

Depending on colour and the available tube sizes I buy either 37ml or 200ml size tubes. Of the 120 colours in the Winsor & Newton range, 119 are now classed as 'permanent for artists' use' [rated AA or A by Winsor & Newton] which aids in the longevity of paintings.

Some of these colours are expensive and alternatives can be found (if cost is an issue) for example, replacing the Cadmium and Lemon Yellows for Winsor Yellows which are close but not the same. Having said that, there are colours, like Cobalt Violet, that I wouldn't be without. 

The main colours I use are:
Titanium White,
Cadmium Red,
Cobalt Blue,
Indian Yellow,
Raw Sienna,
Burnt Sienna,
Cadmium Yellow,
Cobalt Violet,
Lemon Yellow,
Yellow Ochre,
Cerulean Blue,
French Ultramarine,
Alizarin Crimson,
Naples Yellow.
There are other colours that I have available but are used much less, being used for the odd colour that cannot be mixed from the standard range.
Drying times for the colours I use:
All colours will become touch dry in 2 to 14 days.

Each colour has its drying rate and this is why some sections remain wet to the touch while others are dry.

Fast - up to two days:
Cobalt Blues, Raw Sienna, Umbers.

Medium - up to five days:
Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Violet, Ultramarine Blue, Sap Green, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Ochres, Cadmiums, Titanium White.

Slow - over five days:
Winsor Yellows, Quinacridones, Alizarin Crimson.