Another snow related oil painting demonstration - Part Two

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Stage Three:
Painting the stream came next. Some of the base colours had already being placed so really it's adding the fine details. I prefer to paint, apart from any under painting, the water wet into wet as this gives a more fluid feel. For brushes it's a either or both of Rosemary & Co's Series 303 'One Stroke' Golden Synthetic (in the smaller sizes) or Series 279. Masters Choice Long Flats. Both have a longer head length which for me helps with the fluid movement. Mostly it was picking up the colours from the background trees/snow back and placing them in the correct position using horizontal and vertical brush stroke.

Moving back to the trees the final element to paint was the snow on each branch, again using a rigger, bits of snow in shadow first then the snow in sunlight.

Detail from "A Winter Afternoon", Northamptonshire.
Oil. Alistair Butt © 2013 -
#AB 021309

Stage Four:
To finish the painting the foreground bank vegetation alongside the water was painted followed by the shadows and then the sunlit snow. This was painted thicker and blended in most places with the snow shadow colour to give a soft effect. Although still wet I risked adding the dried twigs and grasses in the foregound.