Report from yesterday - more out and about in the snow

Yesterday dawned with a clear sky and hence yet another very cold start but as I'd been waiting for a good spell of sunlight while the snow was here, unlike the last time when it lasted less than an hour, it was drop everything and get outside.

Having had another band of heavy snow since the last outing, the minor roads were like sheet ice first thing in the morning, but they were better later in the day while all the main roads were very good.

Some early morning mist added to the wonderful array of subjects... it was almost one every few footsteps. The snow has a wonderful way of transforming the landscape and even locations not considered before can sometimes look stunning...

A small stream, which I've painted a number of times throughout the year but not with this much snow covering the banks and trees. Along with sketching at other locatons beside this stream, a good half hour was spent sketching here (different positions) with some steam rising from the water giving the warm colour above the water, the odd water fowl moving now and then to disturb the water surface and the peace only interrupted by the odd fly past from the RAF while out training in the clear blue sky. Most rivers in this area have these deep sided banks which at times doesn't make for good subjects being all bank and not much more, could be alright this time...

 Later I saw this small rabbit, trying to hide up against this tree - click to enlarge - she or he is to the left side at the base of the trunk.

Overall well worth getting out, some nice new material gathered for future paintings.