Exhibition at Patchings Art Centre - Lucy Willis RWA with David Curtis ROI, RSMA and Ken Howard OBE, RA

This was from yesterday and a break between my work... I was invited to the Private View of the above exhibition held at Patching Art Centre, located near Nottingham.

As can be seen it's the 25th Anniversary of Patching and part of the celebrations is this exhibition with Lucy Willis, David Curtis and Ken Howard.

Above are some general views of the exhibition at a quite time. I didn't take any of the paintings themselves... as per normal copyright.

I did have a talk with David Curtis & Ken Howard, plus a few of the other artists, with the main topic being drawing and it's importance as a base for all that follows along with other topics like first painting sold and how much etc...

What was good about the exhibition was the mix of the three artist work, non jarred with the others and on the same wall were Lucy's watercolours next to David's and another wall David's oils alongside Ken's.

Well worth the time visiting and likewise talking to the artists..

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