Subject finding trip #2 - North Yorkshire Moors

In contrast to the Lake District trip, this also combined the delivery of my three paintings for the RSMA exhibition at the Staithes Gallery, Staithes, North Yorkshire which has the private view today and continues until the 27th April. 20+ of the members are taking part in the exhibition so it should be a great show.
If you are in the North Yorkshire coast area please do visit the gallery.

Another contrast was the weather, mostly overcast with brief spells of sun or hazy sunlight.

Just after dawn, 6:30 and while the night was clear, hence the heavy frost, frozen water and slippery roads the increasing wind brought in cloud from the North Sea. What doesn't come across is how cold it was, within a few minutes sketching came to a stop as addition layers were put on... then having done that, it was something warm to drink.

 Some parts of this area can be bleak, by there's lots of bird life (even more so at this early hour) and the local sheep...

An hour later, 'slightly' better light with a blue patch of sky 'near' the sun gave some hope of getting something really nice.

 Some interesting layers with the clouds but as time passed less hope of seeing 'full' sunlight again.

By 9:00AM the frost had melted and while there was the odd patch of clear sky it never happened to be where the sun was...

Not sure what this was in the past, old farm house/buildings but a wonderful location with views down the valley and across to the mountains to the right, although on this day the tops were covered by low cloud. One of the local farmers came over in this Landrover to see what I was doing.

After that it was, head for the Yorkshire coast and Staithes, dropped off the paintings and met David Allen RSMA at the gallery. I did have a walk around Staithes, but the lack of sunlight resulted in a shorter than expected visit. It was then down the coast to Whitby for lunch (fish and chips) and then back into the North Yorkshire Moors as I headed towards home. Still more weather related things as I weaved my way across the Moors. Some heavy rain, hail and then snow on the higher ground - a real mixed bag of a day...

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