The search for the right angle... oil paintings of a Derbyshire stream.

These two paintings are from the same day, although about two hours apart and the reference gathered on the return trip from an exhibition at the NEC (Birmingham) - i.e. making the most of the trip.

I'd planned this visit so that I was at this river as the sun moved across the rivers path and thus allowing me the chance of getting some nice highlights on the water plus the added bonus of dramatic back lighting that I wanted. It was then a case of being on the correct section of the river at the right moment...

Detail from "The perfect afternoon spot...", Derbyshire. Oil.
Alistair Butt © 2014 - #AB 021413

While I haven't placed him in the painting there was a man fishing (about where the 'A' is). He had know idea is was there until I stood up having gathered all the reference material I needed. There was much more dried vegetation alongside the river this year, maybe due to not having been very cold, very wet yes...

Detail from "Sparklers", Derbyshire. Oil.
Alistair Butt © 2014 - #AB 021415

As the afternoon went on the clouds got more dramatic, I half though I may get wet and it's a good half hour walk back to the car. Thankfully that didn't happen and the sun stayed clear of cloud resulting in the above view. The river does a sharp 180 bend in front of the tree... sadly, although I was there for some time the sheep (just below distant tree line) never came any closer even though in the past I've seen them beside the far bank. Can't have everything...

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